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folks? >> yes. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. nick captioned by the national captioning institute >> straight ahead, new details in the sex scandal surrounding david patraeus. we are learning more about the two women at the center of the investigation. "good morning, washington." it is november 12. i'm cynne' simpson. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's get to jacqui jeras with a look at the forecast. >> what a beautiful weekend. hope you enjoyed it. it was picture perfect. today is the last of the mild days and we have some clouds already beginning to move in. we will see some patchy fog giving way to thickening clouds. rain is on the way but it should hold off until lit tonight. we start with temperatures in
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the 40's and 50's. 52 at reagan national 50 dulles and 48 in frederick. we should see 54 by 9:00 and 63 by noon. the high around 68. another warm one but a big drop it temperatures. we will talk more about the rain in a bit but first we will check traffic traffic. hey, steve. >> we will start with a look at the springfield interchange. moving pretty well. it is veterans day today we have no h.o.v. restrictions on 95 395, 66 or the toll road. over to maryland on the beltway new hampshire avenue we have the road work left over on the left side from college park to silver spring. no delay. we have an incident on the inner loop kenilworth avenue where a trailer separated from its tractor and the activity is on
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the shoulder. inner loop heading south on 95 and 495 you will see it but it is not causing a delay. a report of an accident on southbound 395 at duke street two right lanes closed. that is the very early morning traffic. >> montgomery county fire department polled these pictures on twitter this morning showing a house engulfed in flames. it started in the 21000 block of we wills we willsville road. the cause is under investigation. >> new details in the sex scandalmer c.i.a. director david patraeus. a military volunteer got harassing notes biographer who happened to be his mistress and congress wants to know more that revealed the affair. >> david patraeus's secret
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affair may have remained secret if not for threatening e-mails his lover sent to jill kelly wife of a tampa surgeon. officials say she was not romantically involved with patraeus but was a family friend. kelley contacted the f.b.i. after receiving the threatening e-mails. initially there were concerns that the c.i.a. director's e-mail had been hacked. >> the initial complaint was harassment. it possibly could have gone to e-mail hacking but there was no substantive information that it had anything to do with national security. >> but those e-mails were linked back to paula broadwell who had access to patraeus as his official biographer. broadwell lives in charlotte with her husband and two kids. she is an avid run were and says they bonded over their shared mental and physical discipline on her trips to afghanistan to interview him. >> it was an opportunity to interview him on a run and i
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thought i would test him but he was going to test me. >> despite the time they spent together patraeus is claiming the affair didn't begin in afghanistan but after he retired from the military in august of 2011. one week later he became director of the c.i.a. meaning he carried on the affair during most of the tenure at c.i.a. friends say he ended it four months ago about the same time kelley received the threatening e-mails. the white house was not made aware of the situation untilest la week. thursday he met with the president and offered his resignation. >> it doesn't add up that the f.b.u. would carry on this investigation without bringing it to the president or highest levels of the white house. >> the british broadcasting corporation dealing with a scandal has minutes ago announced its news chief and her deputy will step aside. this follows the resignation of its former director general after a bbc news program
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burningled reports of sexually abused children. the chairman of the house of commons committee on culture, media and sports said he was spraoeulgsed by the settlement and wants an explanation. >> the marine corps heritage foundation will honor a marine corps icon. a family member retired marines and other staff will honor him at the national museum in triangle this afternoon. the world war ii and korean war veteran was awarded five navy crosses making him the most decorated marine had history. a ceremony will be held at the war memorial. eleanor holmes norton is pushing for a measure that with require the d.c. flag to be displayed when the flags of the 5 states were displayed. coming up in a few minutes we will look at some of the
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veterans day ceremonies from over the weekend. >> more employers working to hire military veterans and department of veterans affairs could use more help. here is linda bell with blagojevich in new york. >> it looks like the stock indexes futures indicate a slightly higher open. our attention turns to the debt crisis of europe and discussing bailout funds for greece. statistics show the department of veterans affairs is falling behind in the mission to care for veterans. that is despite an increase in budget and staff. about 896,000 disability compensation and pension claims were pending as of last week. about two-thirds of them were in the system more than 125 days. that is beyond the agency's target processing time. with as many as within million troops to be veterans in the next five years they will need that support.
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more u.s. companies are looking to hire military veterans. a survey found 65% of employers would likely hire a vet over another equally qualified candidate. if you want to fly home for the holidays but not sure over thanksgiving or christmas i will tell you which is the cheapest in the next hour. i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you, linda. 4:3 and 52 degrees. >> we have a new way to get you going in the morning while bringing you the latest news. you can sign up for our new abc 7 alarm clock application. >> an update on recovery efforts after sandy and a nor'easter and learn how many c
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>> the lakers didn't get off to the best start and mike brown got fired. we have a new coach. >> everyone knows the lakers are one of the most popular teams in the nba and this morning we can confirm they do have a new coach. through his agent we have learned that mike d'antoni has been hired as the lakers' new head coach although the team hasn't officially confirmed that. the deal is said to be four years, $12 million with an
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option for an additional year after that. the lakers were talking to former head coach bill -- phil jackson but they didn't go through. d'antoni last coached the new york knicks and before that was with the phoenix suns. steve nash played under d'antoni for the suns so this is sitting well with some players. we will probably learn more later on today but once again one of the nba's most popular teams the l.a. lakers, have a brand-new coach. >> we want to make your mornings easier. we have a new abc 7 alarm clock iphone app. it has all the latest news weather, traffic and personalized abc 7 alarm tones from some of us here. chriskris van cleave shows us how it works. >> a lot of us wake up to our phone blaring something like
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this. but here at abc 7 we will make your wake-up better with the abc 7 alarm clock. when you set this you can choose from all the noises you probably dread early in the morning or maybe something a little better like steve chenevey. >> buzz buzz it is advertisement to get up. >> or alison starling. >> rise and shine. >> it is five of your favorite abc 7 faces to start the morning. but it does more. this is the weather right now. here is the weather the next seven days and you could get it hour by hour or live doppler radar. we even have a video forecast for you right down here. >> we will start the weekend early because it will be worth it weatherwise. >> we have all the news you missed while sleeping. more headlines to read so you know exactly what has been going on. this is important. to get the app go to
4:43 am if you have the iphone it will direct you how to get the app so we hope to make it easier for you to say "good morning, washington." >> good morning, sleepy head. let's rise and shine. >> it is really easy. you can get tit by going to and you download it for free. >> pretty confidential. 4:4 4:43 right now. we will check the forecast. >> as we are waking up we have big changes in the forecast. what a great weekend. the clouds will be on the increase. you see a cold front off to the west in the great lakes down to the gulf coast. that will be heading in our area by late tonight so be prepared. the rain for the most part coming in through the overnight hours and early tomorrow. enjoy today. 52 at reagan national 50
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dulles 41 b.w.i. 51 charlottesville and 54 winchester. last mild day before the temperatures drop and rain rivers. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast in a minute. first let's check traffic with steve. >> we have a look at 395. we had a report of an accident southbound on 395 on the right of the screen at duke street just out of camera range from the 14th street bridge through arlington and alexandria. watch for activity near duke street but it looks pretty good. no delays in the camera either so you may be coming up to that. no h.o.v. restrictions because of veterans day holiday. metrorail is on a saturday schedule reduced service on met re rebus. -- metro bus. here you have leftover road work but no delay to get by.
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back to you. >> in the aftermath of hurricane sandy about 120,000 homes and businesses in new york and new jersey still don't have power. many lost electricity after sandy, got it back and lost it again when the nor'easter hit. residents have expressed frustration about how long it has taken. it is 4:45 and 52 degrees. >> the manager of a local taco bell is fighting for his life after he was shot right outside his job. how that is causing nearb
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>> the alleged east coast rapist says he doesn't know why he couldn't stop attacking women nearly two decades. he thought of women as objects he said. thomas is suspected in attacking 17 women in maryland, virginia, connecticut and rhode island. he was arrested last year and is expected to plead guilty to the abduction of three women in prince william county and a rape in howard county. howard county searching for two men in connection with shooting of a taco bell manager. witnesses tell us the manager had run next door to buy something and was on the way back when he was ambushed. nearby businesses are saying to late shift workers to be extra cautious. >> if you are working left hand we advise to the people do not come out when you are working
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land. >> the taco bell manager was flown to maryland shock trauma with multiple gunshot wounds. >> the school superintendent is scheduled to deliver his first state of the school address today for montgomery county. the public is invited. it will be at the strathmore music center 8:30 this morning. the theme for the speech is building the future together. >> president obama marked veterans day by paying tribute to the men and women who have served. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. he also praised the sacrifices made by service members and talked about taking care of veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. a tribute to the veterans of the vietnam war. a ceremony was held on the national mall. they gathered it mark its 30th anniversary. there sis the names of more than
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58,000 troops. >> there's no rank. there's just a name. you don't even have branch of service. the sacrifice is the same no matter whether you are a private or general. >> veterans day is showing appreciation for each other. it is probably the biggest fraternity in the world. >> many veterans visit each year. people also gathered at the world war ii memorial to pay tribute to those who served in the greatest conflict. it not only honored the men and women known as the greatest generation but all service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. pamela brown you see there among those taking part in the ceremony. >> if you have a photo of veteran we are creating a photo gallery. make sure they have an uniform
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and send it to us at eyewitness at >> 4:a50. >> what jeff gordon trading blows with members of clin
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>> good morning, washington. i'm jacqui jeras. what a great weekend we had and this is the last day that we are
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going to see mild temperatures in quite some time. you see we have a strong cold front off to the west bringing showers from the great lakes to the gulf coast. pretty clear up and down the eastern seaboard although a little patchy fog developing. watch out for that in the outlaying areas. 52 at reagan, 50 dulles 45 gaithersburg and 54 martinsburg. yesterday we got up to 71. the average is 59. keep that in mind when you see the seven-day forecast. we will have nice wind out of the south this afternoon. as the cold front approaches the clouds will increase. there could be a sprinkle this afternoon but the main event is overnight tonight when the front moves through with scattered rain showers. tomorrow we will see rain in the morning hours but we will clear out by the afternoon. here is the forecast today. patchy fog this morning giving way to increasing clouds. high 65 to 70.
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check out my facebook page if you will and you can follow me on twitter. i had like to hear from you. if you have a special forecast request request, thanksgiving is coming up. i might give you a gift. let's check the traffic. >> we will look at 395. there was a report of an accident on 395 southbound before duke street. no delays right now in the camera getting by. you may come up to that at speed. duke street camera not showing anything. looks like it is still there. we will go to maryland and we have leftover road work they are picking it up now. you see the truck there dimly in the middle of the screen where the arrow board is. that is at new hampshire avenue. at springfield it is moving pretty smoothly. h.o.v. is lifted on 95 395, 66 and technical road.
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no v. are. e. or marc rail service and metrorail on a saturday schedule. back to you. >> let's look at sports now. a big problem for d.c. united in the eastern conference finals. >> houston dynamo stays unbeaten on the season. they won 3-1. because of the aggregate scoring d.c. has to score three goals sunday to tie that series. nascar fans might have thought they were watching wrestling. the brawl at that race stemmed from that jeff guard intentionally wrecking clint bowyer. off the track it got ugly. after guard put bowyer in the wall he steered his scarcar in the garage and his team was waiting. bowyer tried to get involved but when you go spring being out of your car people tend to notice
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and he was held become. kevin harvick won. he admitted he didn't have problems with the fight. 4:57 and things are calmer on "sunday night football." houston and chicago bears had enough to deal with from mother nature. now look at this. they had to play through rain as the texans won 13-6. jay cutler left the game with a concussion. the eagles q.b. michael vick also suffered a concussion in their loss to the cowboys and the saints handed the factuals their first season loss. >> something we have not seen in the nfl in four years. are you ready for the excitement of -- a tie. that is what happened sunday. 49ers and rams neither could score enough to win. both missed field goals in overtime and tied 24-24. >> it is 4:57 and 51 degrees. still ahead seven on your side
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with a closer look at kidney disease. how two friends are trying to draw attention to the disease to
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